We are always Grateful for all donations big or small that may help us or others.
Your kind donations can make a difference to help us in making the difference in as little as club housekeep/events or as big as making a difference in someones life.
For more information on how to help us make a difference please contact
President S Bonnewell at [email protected]

Currently monies generously donated by you are going towards various items of cost to the Household Division Motorcycle club to help keep the engine turning. 
We are also sponsoring Sandes who has served the soldiers on the battlefield since the Boer War.
Contact us on our Contact page if you have any items too you would like to donate or feel helpful to our club. 

Thank You
The Household Division Charity has resources set aside for helping with the welfare of serving and retired members of the Household Division and their families too. Recent help has gone to veterans especially those wounded on operations, 
to widows and to bereaved families including parents and children. If the Household Division Charity cannot help, Headquarters Household Division will provide a link to the Regiments and other charitable organisations.
The principle application of this welfare support is in maintaining contact and providing enduring access to support when needed. The Household Division Charity Embraces all 7 Regiments of the Household Division,
Every year thousands of soldiers and young recruits benefit from the facilities provided by Sandes.  As well as Christian care and witness, we offer them friendship, a place to 'put their feet up', good food and wholesome recreation.  Our founder, Elise Sandes, was called the 'Soldiers' Friend'.  We still strive to be faithful to that calling.
Maintaining this high level of provision and Christian witness costs a lot in terms of commitment, time and finance.  We receive no official funding from the MOD or any other government body and rely entirely on voluntary contributions .
Aim to identify, understand and support struggling Veterans in the community and help them to regain a 'Sense of Purpose'

Veterans Lifeline looks to adopt a different approach to most other charities. In simplistic terms instead of standing next to a fast flowing stream and fishing struggling Veterans out of the water and then dealing with their symptoms, we look to move upstream and find out why the Veterans have or are falling in the water in the first place and try to prevent it - More often than not a common denominator is a lack of employment which then fuels a loss of 'Sense of Purpose'.