History of
The Household Division
Motorcycle Club

If Carlsberg was an MCC
It would be the Household Division Motorcycle Club

In March 2015 at an Aproximate date We formed with a mere 5 members, the Founding Fathers. Simon Bonnewell, Dale Moxom, John Bonnewell, Pat Jones, Brian Pippins. Straight away we saw the a deep bond drawing people. As if a war was on there were ques of scores outside the front door. It seems amongst the pride of our individual regiments the bond for the hard work to earn ‘The Blue Red Blue Flash’ seemed to run deep within us all.
Banter aside we all share the same passion. To be members of the elite force, the selected few of the chosen units for the protection of the Royal Household. Formed of 7 regiments where the level is a cut above all others in the Great British Armed Forces.
From the battle of Waterloo where the Guards and Cavalry units held out in the centre of the battle field, to the American Civil War sent to advise various units, to the Battle of Ypres where it was the Guards that formed the flanks to hold the falling line regiments in place. The advance from Joes Bridge (The fastest military advance in history) with all 7 regiments under vicious contact taking ‘ALL’ our bridges and rescue the Paras struggling at Nijmegan. Not forgetting the Africa campaign kicking 'the Fox' all the way across North Africa Up through Italy and into Germany… 'Not really a great tactician was he against the might of the Guards and its cavalry'… It was us that plugged him right up. With all in between, Aden, Heavy involvement in Northern Ireland, Mt Tumbledown & the Scots in Falklands. Plus the Welsh involvement having to tab into contact around the Irelands, to the modern day wars. Gulf  1 and 2, with heavy involvement from our Cavalry and foot regiments.  Plus… The household division again took part again in the heaviest operation in Afghanistan. Operation Panthers Claw.
The Paras…
Well, We got the T’Shirt. Guards Parachute Company, Guards Parachute platoon. Winning  inter reg competitions.
The SAS…
Well, after disbandment from Guards Para. We took over G Squadron. The Elite… Well Stirlilng of the Scorts Guards did set up the SAS anyway.
It is safe to say we are a proud bunch.
So with all that in mind. To finally have a Motorcycle Club we can all be a part of to meet up, Drink and just be ourselves with others loyal to each other in a very exclusive club is refreshing to say the least.
We had gone from a few to nearly 1800 in a space of 5 months to August 2015 and growing ever strong every day with hundreds more known to us as our supporters. Starting out with a group of 8 organising a ride out to Rykas in Surrey in early 2015, we have gone from strength to strength. The Lee Rigby commemoration ride, Ace Café, The Hastings Run, Ride of Respect, RV1 at Sandes Pirbright to celebrate the official launch with new club colours and dedicated HQ, Ride to the wall booked in and much much more. We even have our dates now being chewed up for big things with 2 European events in 2016 and a lot more with proposed rallies too. that all Household Division are invited too, full patched member or not.

We are your official and largest MCC for the Household Division. We help those outside of the club too who are still part of our Blue Red Blue family. We have Brothers and Sisters in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland, all over Europe & various parts of the Middle East, America and Australia. Many groups in the club are forming regular ride outs to local areas in between main club events so get involved now.
To be a member all you need is a keen interest in the biking fraternity and to be part of our military family. To be a member is not easy but with a little commitment you can have the club you never knew you needed.

The band of Brothers and sisters of the 'Blue Red Blue' who love motorcycles and swore to protect her majesty the queen, her family and her country.
Ride with Pride you lot and proudly bear our patch


'God Save the Queen'