​The confirmed main event to take part in November 2017. Specific date and time TBC
The Household Division Motorcycle Club have officially been asked to actively take part in and back the this official event. The plan is to carry out a ride of respect past a commemorative march along the old N308 road. We will be forming up at 09:00 for a quick Roll call. ETD will be 10:00. We will slowly ride past the March in progress with our Club colours in view to form up in the famous Square of Ypres to dismount.
We will then be formed up on foot by an appointed person by the gate with our colours to await the aproaching units on foot. A runner will liaise with the town museum, local contacts & authorities of the marching units ETA at aproximately 11:00. 
This project proposal brings together a concept by London Fire Fighter and World War One enthusiast Mark Hastings to honour those that fell in world war one and the need to mark the centenary of one of the cruellest episodes of the entire conflict, the battle for Passchendaele in 1917.

The proposed event is a memorial march over two days in November 2017, replicating the march to the front by the troops of the commonwealth from Poperinge, through Ypres and on to Passchendaele, the front line. Representing the troops of the conflict will be ex service men from the armed forces of the commonwealth forces of today and those of the German forces, together with uniformed re enactors and military bands. This living memorial will recapture the spirit of 1917.

This project, known as Passchendaele 2017, will add to the events planned by the governments of the UK, Belgium and the Commonwealth providing a visual two day memorial. Through the overarching support and hopefully sponsorship by key ex services and World War One memorial organisations in the UK and Belgium, this event will be a high profile and moving occasion that will highlight the charitable causes of the sponsors and allow the visitors to the Ypres battlefront to watch and participate in an act of remembrance befitting of the 100th anniversary of one of the key events of the first world war.

The expected interest and increase in visitor numbers to the area in support of Passchendaele 2017 will provide significant benefits to local businesses and the tourism industry in Flanders. The project will provide opportunities for parallel events to take place linked to the centenary commemoration that will supplement the remembrance season in Ypres, traditionally focused around the 11th November and the annual Poppy parade at the Menin Gate.

There has been much interest in the concept of Passchendaele 2017 through discussions, both directly with key organisations and through social media and the internet. Many people from around the world have expressed their support for this project and commented on its uniqueness and suitability to mark the battle.
To all members. I hope you can put this in your diary
To the brave men and women who lost their lives in the big effort for Passchendaele.
Documents below available to download below
The letter from HM Queen & The full proposal submitted to 1 Downing Street, The Royal British Legion and the committtee Touism Ieper 
Letter from Her Majesty
The Proposal in detail
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